A promising E-Cigarette product lineup: V2 Cigs

Any cigarette smoker today should be paying extremely close attention to the electronic alternative market due to the convenience and health benefits, and should closely examine V2 Cigs.

They simply provide the best blend of price, taste, and overall experience out of any of their competitors! V2 Cigs is not an industry leader by accident; they take customer satisfaction and retention seriously, placing that as their highest priority, not advertisements. While traditional tobacco has had hundreds of years to mature, the safer electronic alternatives are relatively new, first appearing in the 1960’s, but only truly becoming popular in the last decade. Since they are so new, not every product is created equal, and V2 Cigs manages to stand above the rest.


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The first question a customer should ask is “How does it taste?”, and for good reason. V2 Cigs E Liquid can confidently claim to be one of the best available brands of liquid, with great taste and sensation. V2 takes their liquid very seriously, and currently offer ten flavors, two rich and deep tobacco flavors, two menthol flavors, and five “specialty” flavors, that even include cherry, coffee, and chocolate! They will only release flavors when they are completely confident it is the quality they require of their products, and you will not be disappointed by any of the offerings you choose to consume. However, liquid is only half of the taste equation; the electronics that convert that liquid into wonderful smoke are just as important! V2 Cigs understands this, and invests heavily on research and development. What this means for you, is that when you buy a V2 Cigarette, you receive the best available atomizer designs that produces the best smoke possible from the E liquid. In fact, they are so confident in their quality designs that they use the open standard specification known as KR808D-1.

What this means is that while some cigarette suppliers lock you into using only their liquid, V2 Cigs are compatible with dozens of other liquid suppliers, should you find any better flavors for your palate, or simply wish to try a more unique flavor that they do not offer. You still get the best possible smoke out of the liquid you choose due to their fantastic designs. After taste comes reliability. Nobody wants to spend money on a wonderful tasting product if it only works three times before it breaks! Instead of a normal cigarette that is one time use only, an electronic cigarette has to perform its duties multiple times, keeping up with even the most demanding of users. This is a demanding task, due to the physical heating that must take place. Lower end manufacturers do not spend the money they need on engineering, while V2 does. You can be confident that their cigarettes will be ready when you want them! V2 Cigs is so confident in this, that they have the best warranty I have ever seen in this market! But more on that later.

What is even more important than a warranty?

Customer service that is polite, available, and willing and capable to answer any questions you might have. V2 does not require that you spend valuable time scouring the internet for information on the best way to use their products, they are happy to assist you every step of the transition, whether it is moving from using another company’s inferior product to using V2 Cigs, or even if you have never used an electronic cigarette before! While V2 strives to produce the most satisfying and “authentic” experience, there is still a slight learning curve during the transition.

V2 Cigs customer support will support you, and by the time you are done you will be able to appreciate every bit of their product. V2 Cigs offers this support over the phone six days a week, even as late as 11 PM on weekdays. If you prefer, you can even talk to a live representative via online chat if you do not want to talk on the phone! The excellent warranty I mentioned earlier is almost certainly far better than you would guess.

They have a lifetime replacement warranty for everything electronic, meaning that everything besides the liquid you consume is replaced for free should anything happen to it, even the batteries! If you try their product and decide you do not like it, even if it works perfectly, they will give you every cent of your money back if you request it within 30 days! Such a bold guarantee just goes to show that V2 cigs is confident in their product, and that you should use them if you are looking for quality. The small details are also approached with care at V2 cigs, their website is fast and informative, their shipping is handled quickly, and even the packaging is well done. I hope I have been able to show you all of the reasons that you should choose V2 cigs over their competitors, and I will leave you with one last, very pervasive argument. Cost.

Cost! It is probably the first thing on everyone’s mind today

V2 Cigs knows this, and instead of delivering cheap products, they deliver good products efficiently and cheaply! They offer refill liquid in large quantities for people who would like to save money on cartridges, as each cartridge can be refilled up to 5 times without any performance decrease! They have partnered with UPS and offer many shipping options, and lastly, their product prices are very competitive, better than their competitors’ inferior products. While they offer all sorts of accessories and charging options, they offer full solutions very inexpensively. Their cheapest starter kit is their “express kit” that sells for only $29.95! Although it is so inexpensive it includes everything needed to use their industry leading product, allows you to choose your flavor and nicotine strength, and includes the same lifetime warranty and 30 day guarantee as the rest of their products. If you are thinking about it, there is absolutely no reason to not order this $30 kit or any of their other products and try out the industry leader in electronic cigarettes! Should it not live up to your expectations, it will not cost you a cent. However, in my opinion, you will not be able to deny the incredible value and quality you will receive, and will become a loyal V2 cigs customer, taking advantage of the innovation they continue to create in this market. In short, buy V2 Cigs products, and this reviewer would put money on you being happy with them!

Get high-end performance for a rock-bottom price with the new V2 Cigs Express Kit

Smokers contemplating the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes often worry about the expense and cost of switching from their old familiar smokes to the seemingly high-priced electronic cigarettes. Looking at the normal “Starter Kit” just confirms their worst fears. The ridiculous price tag on a normal “Starter Kit” takes one’s breath away. In a larger sense, using a vaporizer or electronic cigarette is certainly money saving–the long-term cost savings of e-cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes are one of the key selling points of e-cigarettes–there is a not-inconsiderable upfront cost to getting started with the electronic version. Between the e-cigarette itself, the required accessories, the batteries, and everything else it takes to get started, the expense of switching can be a real hurdle. Normal starter packs come with a price tag ranging from $80 to over $200, depending on the exact nature of the pack. Worst of all, if the user doesn’t like the included flavors or brands, there’s another expense or a whole pile of wasted cash.

V2 Cigs is proud of their starter kits and confident in the quality of their electronic cigarettes and they are proud to say they have an offering for every budget. For the budget-conscious or dubious consumer looking for cheap electronic cigarettes that don’t feel or smoke cheap, they have a new offering on the table. As part of the festivities surrounding their re-launched website, V2 Cigs released a new starter kit option that’s more streamlined and cut down to the bare essentials. The V2 Cigs Express Kit is the perfect option for smokers looking for the perfect electronic cigarette and wondering if V2 is the best option. Put the kit together with a cartomizer or eliquid sampler pack to really explore what electronic cigarettes are about. The V2 Express Kit comes with a V2 Standard Automatic Battery and a V2 Flavor Cartridge, making it affordable, easy to use, and still one of the best quality e-cigarette starter kits available.

It’s the perfect way for new users to try electronic cigarettes as it also includes an Express Charger and the user’s choice of Full, Medium, or Light strengths and V2 Red and Menthol flavors.

It’s cheap and not difficult to use, the best introduction to V2 Cigs for new users or those expanding their selection of electronic cigarettes. The V2 Disposables are handy as a way to explore V2′s offerings and provide a great option for customers who are travelling, but the new V2 Cigs Express Kit provides everything a V2 user needs to get started with vaping. It includes all the usual must-haves included in pricier packages at a fraction of the price and V2′s reputation for quality means it’s a vape system new smokers can trust. The V2 Express Kit provides the finest “cheap e-cigarette” experience available on the market today and provides the perfect introduction to using V2 Cigs.

v2 cigs starter kits

The Express Kit allows users to get an inexpensive start, and then carefully choose additional cartomizers and other accessories to expand their selection of e-cigarette options. V2 offers flavor options including the famous V2 Red and smooth Menthol flavors. Strengths include Light, Medium, and Full strength. At $29.99, the V2 Express Kit is the highest quality cheap electronic cigarette starter kit available today and it provides the performance and vapor experience that V2 Cigs are known for.

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The Starter Kit comes with an automatic 78mm battery, which provides a balance between weight and the time to recharge between smokes. It also comes with an Express USB Charger to top up the device 50% faster than usual, and the Flavor Cartridge contains V2′s proprietary e-liquid formula, enough for 150-220 puffs, roughly a pack’s worth of traditional cigarettes. If you’re buying the Starter Kit, we’d also like to suggest a V2 Flavor Sampler, which provides the true experience of vaping with V2 Cigs’ offerings. The Sampler comes with 10 pre-filled V2 Flavor cartridges and each cartridge is roughly the same as a pack of traditional cigarettes. Try all of V2′s signature flavors and decide which one is the best for you. Our sampler includes flavors like V2 Red, Menthol, Coffee, Cola, Cherry, and Vanilla and all cartridges are available in nicotine strengths that begin at 0mg and go up to 16mg. Another suggested throw-in is a 10ml bottle of V2′s Platinum e-liquid. The e-liquid allows users to refill the V2 cartridge up to 10 times (1ml of eliquid refills the cartomizer). One 10ml bottle that goes for around $10 provides 10 cigarette packs worth of smoking, meaning you can use your express kit for about $1/pack. The V2 Platinum E-Liquid now comes in four flavors and nicotine strengths.